Students at Flinders Compete in French Eloquence Contest

Five avid French students in Secondary School at Flinders Anglican College are developing their mastery of the language in the on the topic of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The inspiring global initiative encourages Francophones aged 15 to 20 years to develop linguistic and oratory skills while highlighting the enriching relationship between learners and teachers.

Miss Jane Boussalem, the Head of French at Flinders, is guiding the students through the submission process as a special co-curricular project. The participating students are in Year 11 and pictured in the cover image from left to right: Luca, Nethra, Elizabeth, Natalie and Isabella.

Elizabeth said, “Miss Boussalem was our biggest inspiration for participating in the World Eloquence Competition. We all appreciate her guidance and full confidence in us!"

“I was also inspired by having the chance to improve my French speaking skills, challenge myself and showcase my abilities,” Elizabeth said. 

“I love studying French at Flinders, as French is such a beautiful and expressive language. It’s also deepened my understanding of English, as there are so many things we do subconsciously whilst speaking - such as sentence structures - that we have had to learn in French.  

“I would love to one day travel to France and other French-speaking countries, and possibly live there, so learning the language is extremely important for achieving that goal.” 

The benefits of languages in the curriculum

Students study French and Japanese at Flinders Anglican College from Year 3 to Year 8 as part of the curriculum and can then choose the subjects as electives from Years 9-12. 

College Principal Michelle Carroll said language study was valuable for students’ academic and personal growth. 

“Languages are an important part of a Flinders education in our Primary and Secondary Schools,” Ms Carroll said. 

“There is a clear link between learning languages and improved literacy skills as well as the boost it provides to learners’ cognitive development and mental dexterity. 

“Our students also explore different cultural perspectives on art, music, customs, beliefs and ways of thinking through their French and Japanese study, which enables them to become more accepting of diversity and more aware of their place in the world.”

Students explore Olympics topic, in French!

For the World Eloquence Competition, each of the five students will create a video submission, accompanied by Miss Boussalem, where they must speak in French without notes for three to five minutes on the following topic: 

"Paris is hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. How are these Olympic values ​​reflected in your personal projects, your relationships and your vision of society?"

An international jury will select winning duos (student and teacher) from geographical areas across the globe. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the world final in France, which will be held during the annual Sommet de la Francophonie (“Summit of the Francophonie”) in October 2024. 


Isabella’s competition speech will focus on the values the Olympics highlights.

“In particular, I will discuss the importance of teamwork and hard work, and how I already implement these values in my life and the sports that I play. 

“It has also been interesting to learn about French culture. In the future I hope to travel to France and put all my language skills into play! I will never stop learning and improving my French skills, and it will definitely be something that I will continue. 

“Miss Boussalem has truly made the French experience amazing. She is a superb teacher who is passionate about the language and helps us be the best we can be in French.”


As a keen athlete, Luca will talk in his French video submission about how sport is woven throughout his academic, sporting and home life.

This year, Luca is the College’s Captain of Swimming and achieved the impressive trifecta at Flinders, winning Age Champion in the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals for his age group!

“I enjoy French because it is such a beautiful and elegant language to speak, despite its quirks,” Luca said.  “Also, Miss Boussalem is so passionate about her students and the subject; you truly won’t find another teacher like her!

“I hope to study in France after graduation so knowing some French will be extremely handy for when I travel within France and to French-speaking countries.” 

Pictured: Luca receives his Age Champion trifecta with Ms Michelle Carroll, the College Principal.


In her French video submission, Nethra shares how the values of the Olympics inspire her approach to playing netball, volleyball and basketball, and also her academics, music and dramatic arts practice.

She is inspired by the opportunities beyond graduation to travel, study and work in French-speaking countries. 

Nethra said, “When studying French, there are so many opportunities to learn more, extend yourself and test your knowledge. Opportunities are everywhere - with public speaking, writing competitions and even cultural art-making. There’s something for everyone!” 

Pictured: Nethra is also part of the Flinders Dramatic Arts and performed in the Secondary School production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in Term 1, 2024.


Natalie has discovered that studying French has opened up a bright future of opportunities for studying and working. 

“The connections I have forged with penpals, exchange students, classmates, our wonderful teacher and people all over the world have ensured that I will be connected to all sorts of people and pathways after I graduate,” Natalie said. 

"In my speech, I will discuss the relevance of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, since they are significantly connected to all of our daily lives through the values they instil and motivations they offer."

To learn more about the Secondary School curriculum at Flinders, visit here.

Image caption (L-R): L-R: French students at Flinders competing in the World Eloquence Competition 2024, Luca, Nethra, Elizabeth, Natalie and Isabella

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