Round Square offers students at Flinders Anglican College the opportunity to embrace a global perspective.

Round Square provides students with the opportunity to join service learning projects, student exchanges, leadership activities and conferences.

The philosophy of Round Square is a perfect vehicle in which to structure holistic programs that build character, competencies and life-learning attributes in our students.

Students learn the IDEALS of Round Square and explore projects which invite challenge, leadership and service, helping them to grow in confidence, global awareness and empathy.

Through these real-world experiences, our students are inspired to contribute positively to our College community and the wider world in the future.

Six IDEALS of Learning

Our program is linked to each of the six Round Square IDEALS of Learning.


Our students discover and embrace similarities and difference between countries and cultures, promoting lasting transnational understanding and respect.

Our students develop a personal compass for equality, fairness, justice, self-discipline, responsibility and a desire to do what is right for the greater good.

Our students broaden their horizons to understand mankind's place in the universe, the forces that shape our surroundings and the impact we have.

Our students push themselves beyond perceived limits, cross boundaries and discover that they are capable of more than they thought possible.

Our students recognise that successful leaders are driven by a desire to be of service to others and to nurture, guide, develop and help them to improve and succeed.

Our students are ready and willing to volunteer and be involved where we are needed, applying and developing our skills and understanding in support of individuals and communities both close to home and further afield.

To be part of a network that promotes such philosophies enables our students to learn from others, to be part of something that is bigger than themselves and to develop skills and attributes which will serve them well throughout their lives.

"Round Square is one of the reasons we are #proudtobeflinders. It was a key driver in our decision to send our children to Flinders and we love seeing the partnership with great schools like Whanganui Collegiate School."
- Elizabeth White

Round Square at Flinders

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