Outdoor education is integral to student learning at Flinders Anglican College.

At Flinders, students are given the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone, develop their character, learn new skills and build friendships.

Outdoor education also provides our students with a sense of peace as they connect with the natural world.

Safety is a paramount concern for our passionate and educated staff who guide our students through our Camps Program as well as our College's co-curricular offerings such as our Duke of Edinburgh program and the Outdoor Adventure Club.

Camps Program

The College provides outdoor education opportunities as an exciting offering within the total school program from Prep to Year 12. Our overnight camps are offered to students from Year 3 to Year 10.

These adventure opportunities in nature benefit our students in many ways, including the following:

• broaden our students’ experiences and engagement with different environments

• contain activities that relate to the development of our students and nurture their sense of connection as a school group 

• allow for and encourage broader socialisation

• teach our students to cope with and flourish within new social, physical and emotional situations outside the school and home

• introduce new leisure time and adventure activities or reinforce those already learnt

• offer our students a wide range of localities.

These camps/activities are considered a compulsory part of our College curriculum. Camp costs are included in tuition fees.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

As part of our College’s co-curricular program, students may choose to complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The DoE is a personal challenge in which young people embark on a well-rounded journey to discover their potential. 

The DoE is offered at Flinders as its principles fit well with our core values and vision for our students. For example, not only does it enable our students to contribute to their community, but it also enables them to lead and to take responsibility for their actions. 

The Award recognises teens and young adults (14 to 25 years) as they progress through each level (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Along the journey, they learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment. It is a non-competitive program which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility and service to the community.

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