Flinders Speaker Series with Michelle Mitchell

01 Aug 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Location: Performance Centre

Confidence is that elusive quality that we wished that our children had.

Many parents notice their children pull back rather than push forward – limiting or adapting themselves in fear of being laughed at, criticised or judged.

In this Flinders Speakers Series presentation, Michelle Mitchell will explore the science and practise of building sturdy self-esteem in children of all ages, and share insights on what to do when it wobbles. Michelle will unpack the role of social comparison and feedback and explain why a parent’s own journey can be the most powerful narrative in their children’s lives.

Michelle is an author, public speaker, parenting expert and wellbeing mentor who has been termed the ‘teenage expert’. She is sought after across TV, radio and print media for her compassionate and grounded advice, and innovative work.

Her best-selling parenting and children’s resources, including the highly popular “Everyday Resilience Journal”, have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

In 2000, Michelle established a charity, Youth Excel, which grew over 20 years to become the Youth Excel Centre, an innovative and big-hearted multi-disciplinary clinic offering psychology, counselling and mentoring for children and teenagers.

Her insights are drawn from the privilege she has had of working with many hundreds of young people and their families as a mentor.

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