At Flinders Anglican College we are committed to building a connected and engaged community of students, parents and staff, as well as past students.

Our College community shares a belief in quality education and the importance of awareness and learning to empower parent partnerships in their child’s education.

Our community is supported through by many groups and associations, including our Flinders Foundation, our Flinders P&F, our Old Flinderians' Association alumni network, and our volunteering representatives.

Flinders is also committed to developing student exchanges and service learning opportunities to enable our students to explore their place in the world, become informed citizens and take responsibility for themselves and their actions. To enable this service learning, Flinders is part of the international network of members schools.

For those families already enrolled at our College, please visit  for more information about our community.

Flinders Parents & Friends Association
Flinders Club Sports
Flinders Foundation
Old Flinderians Association
Volunteering at Flinders
Flinders Reconciliation in Action

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